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September 23, 2007

Supporting The Troops Through History

Some oppose the extermination of the genetically unfit. It infuriates me that these traitors fail to support the troops:

Extending the project [of forced euthanasia] from children to adults meant rendering medical killing an official overall policy — a policy Hitler enunciated in his “Führer decree” of October 1939...usually attributed to Hitler’s conviction that a wartime atmosphere would render the German population more amenable to such a project, there was a deeper psychological relationship between “euthanasia” and war. As the fanatical Dr. Pfannmüller in the Nazi program put it: “The idea is unbearable to me that the best, the flower of our youth must lose its life at the front in order that feebleminded and irresponsible asocial elements can have a secure existence in the asylum.”

COMING UP: Why supporting the troops involves you giving me all your money and then pulling me around in a rickshaw.

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Ah yes, the flower of youth, just like the youthful thug knuckle draggers employed by Blackwater who gave Iraq “Bloody Sunday” during which among the other people they murdered was a ten year old boy they shot in the head and then afterwards murdered his mother. But I do note the similarity in both Bush’s and Hitler’s theory that war makes people more amendable to murder. Heck we don’t have any double standards do we. But when pinheads like the good General Petraeus brings us his super duper little graphs the murder we support is relegated to little colored columns, so sanitary, so nicely reduced to something that won’t make us blink. This color is for dead citizens, this color is for dead insurgents, and this color is for our dead troops. What a great country this is.

Posted by: rob payne at September 24, 2007 03:20 AM