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April 24, 2006

Hu At Stutts

As you may have heard, China's President Hu visited my truly extraordinarily incredibly prestigious alma mater, Stutts University, on his recent trip to the U.S. Mike Gerber has the details:

As was widely reported, Chinese President Hu Jintao ended his American visit with a trip to Stutts University. The stay, which was meant to last only a day, ended up stretching through most of the weekend, after the President and his delegation were charmed by a playful re-enactment of the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising courtesy of The Cuckoo, Stutts' student humor magazine.

"Everybody was making such a big deal over it, we naturally wondered what would be the most irresponsible thing possible," Peter Armbruster '08 said. Acting quickly, the rascals decided to re-enact the famous photograph of the man standing in front of the tank--only reversed. In the Cuckoo's version, a normal-sized human (Editor Hart Fox '08) stood in front of a small, remote-controlled tank operated by Armbruster.

The Cuckoo failed utterly in its goal of offending people; most passerby on the New Quad either didn't notice or, getting the reference, laughed. The person who laughed the hardest was, surprisingly, President Hu--who broke away from his security detail and introduced himself to the amazed pranksters.

"He came up to me with a real pissed-off look on his face and said something like, 'You guys are the assholes,'" Armbruster said. "I was just about to apologize, when he broke out laughing."

"The President kept asking, 'Did I get you? Did I get you?'" Fox added. "I finally said, 'President Hu, do you see the peestain on my pants? Yes, you freakin' got us.'"

The rest is here.

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