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January 02, 2006

Happy C-Span New Year

I celebrated the first day of 2006 by watching Robert Dreyfuss on C-Span at 9 a.m. while slightly hungover. (Me, not Robert Dreyfuss. Although the C-Span host had clearly been drinking heavily.)

What I appreciate about C-Span is its audience. It may not be large, but the people who do watch C-Span watch it hard.

One of these audience members called in to tell Robert Dreyfuss that liberals like him (sic) have always been wrong about everything. One such liberal mentioned by the caller was Neville Chamberlain.

This is so, so true. I don't think Chamberlain's shameless liberalism can be emphasized enough. What's even worse is the way Chamberlain disguised it by being a lifelong member of Britain's Conservative Party.

ALSO: You could write a fantastic book about the way the standard pop-historical treatment of "appeasement" is completely bogus. In fact, Clement Leibovitz and Alvin Finkel already have.

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