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January 27, 2005

It's "Inside Comedy" Thursday

I wish I had had something to do with the video I mentioned recently. I did not. However, I'm informed by some who did that it's now been downloaded over 75,000 times. If you are not responsible for even one of these downloads, there is still time. Please: allow yourself to experience happiness.

(Also, deep horror.)

In other comedy news, I recommend this interview with master funnyman Stephen Colbert of the Daily Show.

Not surprisingly, Colbert turns out to be an extremely serious and thoughtful guy. While discussing Strangers with Candy (soon to be a movie), Colbert tells a truly appalling story about the parochial high school he went to:

GROSS: Who was the most ridiculous teacher you had when you were in high school?

COLBERT: The most ridiculous teacher I had in high school wasn't actually comedic in any way. I had a teacher at my high school who later went to jail and now is no longer living. He had affairs with fifty students -- many of my friends, it turns out. He was a man, and he was having sex with young boys at my school. And everyone at the school knew he was an odd bird. He was the team trainer, and if you got hit on the head with a baseball, he'd ice your groin.

You can't help but laugh at that, which is sort of the nut of Strangers with Candy. That's a terrible thing, and yet there's something funny about the obviousness of that behavior that never got caught. And he was obviously a twisted individual. And we made jokes about how Mr. Fisher would ice your groin at chapel. We would get up and make speeches and talk about crazy Mr. Fisher.

And yet nothing was ever done about him. And it turned out the administration must have known that he was the baddest of bad eggs. Because just a few years ago when this all came out, when the headmaster was to be deposed, the day before he was to be deposed about what he knew about it, he killed himself. So that's sort of the high school I look back at. And that darkness translates into the writing of Strangers with Candy...

Selfishness is always funny to me. People who are supposedly in authority who turn out to be selfish is particularly funny to me. Because it's the worst type of hypocrisy.

As some jerk once said, "The secret source of humour itself is not joy, but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven."

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I'm trying to get back to that little shack where I was tortured...

North of the FingerLakes!!!

I'll bargin.


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