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November 21, 2004

Thank God Our Leaders Are Completely Different From The Iranian Ayatollahs

This appears in a recent New York Times story: administration official said that Americans believed that Iran was supporting suicide bombers and insurgents in response to the pressure over its nuclear program - and specifically to warn Israel not to consider the kind of airstrike on a nuclear reactor that it carried out in Iraq more than two decades ago.

You read this kind of thing and you think: good god, Iran's leaders are nuts. Obviously any Iranian support for terrorism against Israel only strengthens hardliners in Israel (and the US). It only makes it more likely Israel or the US will attack Iran.

Then you read this in the same story one paragraph later:

But an administration official said that a military strike or sabotage was not out of the question - "you never take the military option off the table," he said - and that in any case it was "money in the bank" for Iran to be concerned about such an option, because it might be goaded into a more conciliatory approach to the United States.

Thus, the psychos in America, Israel, and Iran walk hand in hand toward catastrophe. Too bad we share the same planet with them.

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