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November 21, 2004

Thank God Our Leaders Are Completely Different From The Iranian Ayatollahs, Part 2 of 7,894

We know that many Bush supporters call his administration "revolutionary." For instance, here's Steve Forbes in the Wall Street Journal:

President Bush's goal is... revolutionary.

And here's Richard Viguerie, an extremely important figure in right wing politics:

Exulting in their electoral victories, President Bush's conservative supporters immediately turned to staking out mandates for an ambitious agenda...

"Now comes the revolution," Richard Viguerie, the dean of conservative direct mail, told about a dozen fellow movement stalwarts...

We also know the Bush administration doesn't negotiate with the forces of darkness:

"We don't negotiate with evil; we defeat it," Cheney declared.

Maybe you think this is all good, maybe you think it's bad. But at least we can all thank god our leaders are completely different from the Iranian ayatollahs:

...many in the administration say that Iran is not likely to enter into talks with the United States, as the Europeans want, because the revolutionary clerics who control the government are unalterably opposed to engaging with a country it considers the enemy.

"You can't call yourself a revolutionary regime and also negotiate with the Great Satan," said an administration official.

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