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November 21, 2004

My Wonderful Friends

I guess everyone thinks their friends are wonderful, or else they wouldn't be friends with them. Plus, calling your friends wonderful allows you to brag with a thin veneer of modesty; the implication is that you're pretty special since someone so wonderful is friends with you.

Fortunately, none of this applies to me and my wonderful friends.

1. Nicely put by Bob Harris.

Favorite sentences: "In the daily swirl of fresh abominations, it's easy not to notice. But America, at its very finest, still exists. In some places, in giant vivid glorious colors."

2. Beautifully put by Mike Gerber.

Favorite sentences: "Frogmen in rubber boats would tirelessly sweep the oceans free of choking trash, camoflauged so as not to alarm the fish... Kids would play anti-army, sneaking up on each other for triumphant small gestures of support."

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