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June 26, 2010

Katie Couric, Poor Barefooted Waif

Katie Couric in 2007:

I remember feeling, when I was anchoring the 'Today' show, this inevitable march towards war and kind of feeling like, 'Will anybody put the brakes on this?' And is this really being properly challenged by the right people?

If only someone somewhere had had the means to do this. BUT WHO?!?!?!?!?!

—Jonathan Schwarz

Posted at June 26, 2010 05:34 PM

Kinda late to have second thoughts though, maybe before the first cruise missile was away would have been a good time speak one's mind. Then again, look at the company she's keeping. ANY dissent WOULD have been quickly quashed.

Posted by: Mike Meyer at June 26, 2010 07:10 PM

they are all f'ing pathetic.

Posted by: Susan at June 26, 2010 07:19 PM

I like Katie Couric because her 42-year-old husband died of colon cancer, so after that she had a colonoscopy on TV. Good for her. Of course, she didn't get fired for opposing the Second Gulf war, so she gets a demerit for that. And worse, God will probably never forgive her for appearing to have a good time with Bill Clinton and Wolf Blitzer. That's pretty awful.

Posted by: N E at June 26, 2010 09:07 PM

NE: do you like me because my dad died of colon cancer when I was 22? I have had several colonoscopies, but not on live TV. I would though, for the money that KC is getting paid.

Posted by: Susan at June 26, 2010 11:42 PM

Susan, I like you because you read this blurgh, like the rest of us poor waifs, who don't get invited to a finger-point with the despicable Al Gore's former boss.

Posted by: coriolis at June 27, 2010 12:46 AM

Susan--I'm glad you got your colonoscopies, and sorry that your dad (like mine) died of cancer. I like that Couric put aside vanity for public health. I of course wish she had been bolder about expressing her 'uncomfortable' feeling about the war.

Posted by: N E at June 27, 2010 01:00 AM

Well shae has the perfect opportunity to open her pie-hole now before they do Iran. But I wouldn't bet on it. Shit if they pay me 1/1000 of her daily rate they can stick a camera up my dick-hole and show it on TV.

Posted by: demize! at June 27, 2010 02:16 AM

My dad had colon cancer, and died (thirty years later, from something else).

I'll probably have my fourth colonoscopy next month.

Posted by: mistah charley, ph.d. at June 27, 2010 10:08 AM

demize!, hole lover, I don't think they'll "do Iran" for a while. I think that the Chinese and the Russians have been concerned enough about the past decade of US/Nato moves into the Caspian to have made sure that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have enough missiles on hand to really mess up transit in the Gulf if Iran gets whacked by either the US or Israel. The Russians and Chinese would't like that outcome either, because they'd pay a heavy economic price, but they probably feel like if they don't draw the line somewhere, they'll get strangled like a goat by a python. After all, look what has been going on in Asia for the past decade. The US and Nato have consolidated gains that Hitler and Napoleon and the British Empire only dreamed of. From a historical standpoint, the presence of NATO forces fighting in the foothills to the Himalyas is astonishing.

I make that prediction because it seems like the US isn't trigger-happy with regard to Iran at the moment, probably because the disruption of the world economy that would be caused by exploding oil tankers and refineries in the Gulf is very risky. That's the biggest reason professional mouthpieces like Brzezinski have opposed it. This is also one of the bigger reasons Langley and the Pentagon and Wall Street turned against Bush/Cheney and then threw their support to Obama. That plan to "transform" Iran and Syria and the whole Middle East had generated too much opposition and was too risky to continue. Too much recklessness will eventually be punished by reality and manifest itself in bad military outcomes and political and financial losses. Evil must be patient too.

For the near future, I'd bet the US/Nato/Japan triad will keep doing what they have been doing--messing around fomenting trouble in all the "Stans" with the goal of causing separatist movements to agitate in iran and weaken or, if neocon dreams come true, topple the Iranian government with another green revolution (as well as keep an 'open door' in the Stans themselves). For Wall Street, that would be much better than scores of exploding tankers. Even more than the US political and business entities that run things, those in Europe and Japan especially have to worry about this whole international order falling apart.

All that said, all bets are off if "The West" thinks the Iranians are about to get nukes, because then the US/NATO would be concerned about losing a very important power advantage that helps keep this whole international order stable. That's the Big Fear. Much the same issue with regard to China--the process of China becoming an independent nuclear power as a result of the hugely costly Great Leap Forward--is an undiscussed aspect of the Vietnam war. China tested its first nuke in 1964, and some powerful factions in the MICFiC wanted to take out the Red Chinese with nukes while we would still win an all-out-nuclear war with the USSR and China combined if that would have happened (though they expeted the cowardly commies to back down).

Basically the same drama is playing out now with regard to Iran, though the added wild cards of Israel and all that oil are also involved in the Gulf. Everyone needs to remember that Generals and Admirals strongly believe in fighting wars they will win before times change and the outcomes become uncertain. That's the dangerous aspect of military thinking. From that perspective, being able to cause massively disproportionate death and destruction is a good thing. It's called victory, and the more one-sided it is the better. If the Generals and Admirals think they can accomplish it today but may not be able to accomplish it tomorrow, look out.

So keep your fingers crossed that our enemies do not look helpless, or do not appear to be growing stronger too quickly, because that's what causes trouble. Saddam Hussein could confirm most of these observations from the grave.

You may now return to your normal broadcasting.

Posted by: N E at June 27, 2010 10:31 AM

"I of course wish she had been bolder about expressing her 'uncomfortable' feeling about the war."

that strikes me as funny that she would even consider doing that! She would lose her job, just like Phil Donohue did - no way that shallow suck-up would risk that!

And I wonder what her stunt of having a colonoscopy on TV really did for anyone.....

Posted by: Susan at June 28, 2010 01:51 AM

NE. My orifices salute you. A case  of realizing you've been redundant before you can hit the cancel reply button.

Posted by: demize! at June 29, 2010 04:27 AM