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October 31, 2009

George H.W. Bush: GOP Base Are Morons

This is a funny section from a new interview with Mikhail Gorbachev: 1987, after my first visit to the United States, Vice President Bush accompanied me to the airport, and told me: "Reagan is a conservative. An extreme conservative. All the blockheads and dummies are for him, and when he says that something is necessary, they trust him. But if some Democrat had proposed what Reagan did, with you, they might not have trusted him."

Pretty much what you'd expect from the Wall Street wing of the Republicans. I'm sure they've said many worse things we don't know about—especially now as their power wanes and the blockheads and dummies get closer and closer to control.

PREVIOUSLY: Welcome to the Terrordome:

The ascendancy of Reagan, who was just slightly less insane than Goldwater, indicated the system was under stress. Still, he was surrounded by people like George H.W. Bush and James Baker, who kept him from going off the deep end.

But that was then.

—Jonathan Schwarz

Posted at October 31, 2009 09:25 AM

"I'm sure they've said many worse things we don't know about"

Plus, according to at least one blockhead leader, the Poppy Bush gang at Langley even shot Reagan. Of course, only a real whackadoodle like Special Forces hero Colonel Bo Gritz would actually make a crazy allegation like that, as he did on page 549 of his book Called to Serve. Ridiculous! What a nutjob!

I mean, the idea that the CIA might try to assassinate a President who tried to end the arms race is almost as preposterous as Ronald Reagan trying to end the arms race! The fact that Reagan was corresponding with Breshnev at the start of his term in office to do just that is some sort of delusional phantasy that only a fool like Reagan's biographer Lou Cannon could acknowledge, not in one book but several. It's something so crazy that only a devoted and deluded right-wing admirer like Paul Lettow could write about in his stupid rightwing book idiotically titled "Ronald Reagan and his Quest to Abolish Nuclear Weapons." Haha! That's a good one! I mean, we all know that Reagan was a devoted warmonger, so how could Ronald Reagan have a quest to abolish nuclear weapons? The fact that Reagan had the whole government editimg and reediting and reediting again his letter to Breshnev about nuclear weapons in early 1981 is meaningless. The whole thing is as crazy as Frank Carlucci having to stuff a gag in Reagan's mouth six years later at Reyjkavik so that he and Gorby couldn't reach an agreement to get rid of all the nukes in the world. I mean, that obviously didn't happen. I don't care what the National Security Archive documents show!

Besides, it's really no big deal when a President tries to take control of nuclear policy. It happens all the time in government, just like messed up kids in love with Jodi Foster commonly chase after Presidents (Carter too) until they decide to prove their undying love in a dramatic way by committing an assassination. Crazy shit happens.

This is the United States of America, and no power struggle could ever spill over into violence against a President, let alone one as affable as Ronald Reagan. He's an icon! Just because Haig and Poppy Bush were fighting over Reagan like a toy doll whose arms they nearly ripped off means nothing. That's just government, not a power struggle. Sure Reagan kept agreeing with the last person he spoke to, one day putting Haig in charge of all of foreign policy and the next making Bush crisis manager, causing even Time Magazine to write about how screwed up the Administration was during its first months, but let's not be as crazy as Bo Gritz for God's sake!

Posted by: N E at October 31, 2009 03:25 PM

N E, that would make sense if the assassin knew the first thing about an assassination!

The firearm used was a .22 Saturday night special, a caliber whose maximum damage is barely enough give a squirrel a flesh wound. In addition to making the genius decision to look for a weapon of choice at a pawn shop, all the bullets Hinckley Jr. bought were smuggled into the U.S. and therefore, of questionable working condition. Even when the lead-azide charges designed to detonate on impact, is it also a coincidence that none of the bullets exploded?

Posted by: Nikolay Levin at October 31, 2009 11:55 PM

Well Nikolay, I'm not Bo Gritz, and despite my youthful experiences playing with guns, I don't know much about them. But that nutcase Gritz, a Special Forces expert, said the "bullet" extracted from Reagan was actually a "fletchette." The surgeon said it had been flattened out to be as thin as a dime by ricocheting off the car door, which did seem kind of interesting to me, and that maniac Gritz didn't thinnk that it was a flattened bullet. That whacky expert on killing people said it was thin to start with and just hadn't come from Hinkley's .22, but from a silent, accurate high-pressure air gun used in assassinations by those Department of Plans types at Langley. You know, the scarey guys.

Then again, Gritz is obviously nuts. He thought Jonestown was run by the CIA, who had to shut it down and get rid of the doped up cult members in dramatic fashion after Congressman Leo Ryan was killed on his investigative visit there. That can't be true, of course, or we would all know it, right? And later Gritz became a militia hero. So we all know he must be wrong, because militia types are wrong about everything. Plus, Dick Cheney hates the CIA, but if the CIA was evil, Cheney would like them, right?

Speaking of militias, to think I haven't even got around to the 90s yet! There's nothing a National Security State likes less than a peace dividend.

Posted by: N E at November 1, 2009 04:04 AM

I think George H. W. Bush was caught on camera weeping a couple of times in the last couple of years over what a blockhead and dummy his son was.

Posted by: Sam at November 1, 2009 05:00 PM

NE is scaring me. Nothing he is saying seems improbable at all.

Posted by: BMiller at November 2, 2009 04:10 PM


Welcome to my world.

Posted by: N E at November 2, 2009 04:23 PM