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April 11, 2009

Rachel Corrie: Unfinished Work

Guest post by Nell of A Lovely Promise

Rachel Corrie's parents are asking those who want to honor Rachel Corrie's memory and continue the work she was doing to support Code Pink's upcoming delegations to Gaza, focused on children there.

From an email:

Last month, when my husband Craig and I traveled to Gaza with Code Pink, it was moving for us to reconnect with the families and the children that Rachel cared so deeply about.

The 793,520 children of Gaza (56% of the population) have lived under occupation and siege all of their lives. They suffered unconscionably through the attacks and devastation inflicted upon them by the Israeli military during twenty-two days of horror in December and January. Hundreds did not survive. But those who did, still smile and laugh like all children. They are beautiful, resilient, curious and full of potential. They deserve the basics that all children in the world should have: ample food, clean water, healthcare, safe places to play and learn. They deserve the tools to deal with their nightmares, and sleep that is not punctuated by bombing. They deserve life, freedom, and hope.

We can be a part of the hope and the solution by arming ourselves with the experience, knowledge, and insight to be stronger advocates for these children and their families--to open the borders, to end the siege, to end the occupation, and to see justice prevail.

We hope you will join Code Pink in the campaign to Speak Out for the Youth of Gaza.

In peace,
Cindy Corrie

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—Nell Lancaster

Posted at April 11, 2009 02:42 PM