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April 03, 2009

End The Ban On Cuba Travel

By: John Caruso

Bored? The Center for Constitutional Rights has something worthwhile for you to do:

Since 1962, the U.S. government is the only country to restrict travel to Cuba. After nearly 50 years, the Cold War rhetoric behind the restrictions is tired and obsolete. The world is different from what it was in the early 1960s, and even then, the ban was misguided, ineffective and unconstitutional. The Cuban government survived without a U.S. lifeline and is building relationships with many other nations. The travel ban hurts American citizens by keeping families apart and denying our right to travel freely. Learn more about the travel ban.

If passed, H.R.874 would "allow travel between the United States and Cuba" for all Americans with no exclusions. Similarly, S. 428, the Senate companion to H.R.874, calls for lifting travel restrictions so all Americans to travel freely to Cuba. "Travel for All" is an important step toward a changed Cuba policy, and we need your help to make this a reality. Contact your Representatives and Senators and ask them to co-sponsor H.R.874 and S.428!

Please give that last link a click and send some messages; it's almost literally the least we can do, and it has a reasonably good chance of succeeding.

— John Caruso

Posted at April 3, 2009 09:16 PM

It looks like a good move by Obama! Cuba is a unique travel destination!

Vista Maldives

Posted by: Yusuf ABDULLA SHUNAN at April 4, 2009 08:30 AM

Buenos Amigos! I recently stayed in Cuba for 2 months, and learned a great deal about the country, and by far, travel to Cuba ... it is the Caribbean's only Treasure Island ... a golden paradise. It is important to learn as much as you can before traveling there, especially for first-time explorers, so that you don't experience "Culture Shock" as it is different, yet without a doubt exceptionally splendid and intriguing. Consider travel to and in and around Cuba, before the less positive influences of the United States infiltrate their culture, and be in the midst of some of the most loving, generous, resourceful, and interesting people in this world. I know the "ins" and "outs" of travel to Cuba, and if I can assist your visit, please contact me. La Tramposa Zorro del Trebol. Gracias, y saludos!

Posted by: Corita CloverFox at April 4, 2009 09:12 AM