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January 04, 2009

Fair And Balanced

The New York Times website currently has a short slideshow of six pictures from Israel/Palestine. They are:

1. The coffin of an Israeli solder about to be buried (caption: "The ground assault brings the prospect of more casualties on both sides")

2. A Palestinian boy being carried into a Gaza emergency room.

3. An Israeli man wounded by a rocket from Gaza being wheeled into an emergency room in Sderot.

4. Israeli soldiers moving into Gaza.

5. A shaken woman from Sderot in her nightgown.

6. A shot of Gaza from far away showing several clouds of white smoke in the air.

A slightly longer slideshow includes additional pictures: a elderly Palestinian man being carried into an emergency room, an Israeli man whose home has been damaged by a Gaza rocket, and an Israeli women sitting at her dining table and "tending to her wounds," which appear to be a scratch to her forehead.

During the current conflict, the ratio of dead Palestinians to dead Israelis is about 100-1.

As always, the question remains: why is the media so incredibly liberal? And why are they so sympathetic to people who hate America?

—Jonathan Schwarz

Posted at January 4, 2009 07:36 PM

US journalism is an upmarket Zionist ghetto.

Posted by: Glenn Condell at January 4, 2009 08:26 PM

Maybe someone at the NY Times remembers the photos of Palestinian celebrations on 9/11.

The transition of "liberal" from "pro-Israel" to "pro-Palestine" is really an interesting one. Maybe I should go rewatch "Exodus".

Posted by: Fritz at January 4, 2009 08:43 PM

Maybe someone at the NY Times remembers the photos of Palestinian celebrations on 9/11.

Yes, that's probably it—they've been remembering those 9/11 pictures for forty years.

Posted by: Jonathan Schwarz at January 4, 2009 08:59 PM

Mr Schwarz, if I may take the liberty to say so, you are reading the WRONG newspaper. The 'incredibly liberal' media is actually conservative media, masquerading as liberal and that is what we are supposed to be reading. Their sympathy for people who hate us is really misplaced. How dare they show even three pictures of them? Where is their BALANCE in reporting the news?

Personally, not having many options to choose from, I'd rather read the LATimes first or WaPost next. And this time, WaPo did not disappoint.

Posted by: Rupa Shah at January 4, 2009 09:09 PM

This is a very democratic outcome. The people of Gaza and Israel both voted for governments that were clearly aiming toward this day.

Posted by: Fritz at January 4, 2009 09:47 PM

Ignoring or celebrating the deaths of Palestinians is hardly evidence that the corporate media, and the NYT in particular, is not liberal. Remind me of the time that American or European liberals were principled opponents of imperialist and colonialist murder again? In this case, it's an argument that the NYT is pro-imperialist. But, um, that's been the case since its founding in 1851, if you view the Indian Wars as imperialism, which I do, or at the very latest, the aftermath of the Spanish American war and the imperialist suppression of Filipino independence. Either way, over a century.

Posted by: Rojo at January 4, 2009 11:40 PM

Just to be clear, I'm not arguing that the NYT is liberal, I'm just arguing that pro-Israeli bias in the criminal assault on Gaza is not evidence that they are not liberal.

Posted by: Rojo at January 4, 2009 11:46 PM

That's true, Rojo. I first learned about the war-loving nature of many liberals from reading Chomsky, though I was already somewhat confused by what I had been reading lately in the liberal TNR at the time (they'd gone pro-contra). I still thought ole Noam might be overstating things a bit, but as is usually the case, when I actually started reading the NYT it was just as he had said.

Posted by: Donald Johnson at January 5, 2009 12:08 AM

Donald -- read up on Woodrow Wilson and the War To End War. The war just has to be properly sold.

Posted by: Fritz at January 5, 2009 01:34 AM

Upon further reflection, I think I would argue that the NYT is liberal and would suggest that their positions are a fair reflection of the degradation of establishment liberalism over the past few decades.

Whether I'm wrong or right on this point, however, reflects not a whit on my point above.

Posted by: Rojo at January 5, 2009 04:32 AM

Re the media, I spent a small amount of time on CNN last night, only to hear a reporter talking about the "incursion" (god, what an obscene word for what's going on) into Gaza and that one of the results was that the water and electricity were off and the hospitals were out of supplies.
HELL-O! That's been the case for months and months, you cretins. (Is that anti-Crete, I don't know the origin of the word?)

Posted by: catherine at January 5, 2009 12:51 PM

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING new here folks, this is a plain ole sacking and pillage of medievil style. Mongol Hoarde rides up on unwalled village. Same old/same old. 2 years of seige on the heavily fortified villages, so take YOUR pick, its UR dime.

Posted by: Mike Meyer at January 5, 2009 02:11 PM

"You will never read anything remotely like this in the pages of the New York Times -- or anywhere else in the "respectable" mainstream American media. But you can read it in Israel. Levy is right: no one is coming to rescue Gaza: not the UN, not the kowtowing Arab tyrannies (read the "Angry Arab" for the most scathing revelations of the cowardice and betrayal of these regimes), and certainly not the Suddenly Silent One who will be the president of the United States in a few days."

Above taken from the article below.....

"Fallujah by the Sea: Aping America, Israel Unleashes Chemical Weapons in Gaza"

Please call or email and demand, these war crimes must stop immediately. Thanks.

Obama Transition Team: 202-540-3000, press 2 to speak to a staff member live
Email form:

State Department: 202-647-5291
White House opinion line: 202-456-1111
White House switchboard: 202-456-1414
House switchboard: 202-225-3121 to get your rep's numbers
Clinton's office: 202-224-4451
Schumer's office: 202-224-6542
Egyptian Embassy: 202-895-5400

Posted by: Rupa Shah at January 5, 2009 04:49 PM

"Maybe someone at the NY Times remembers the photos of Palestinian celebrations on 9/11."

And of course no one remembers pictures of Israelis celebrating the 9/11 attacks right here in America because the media didn't publish them. A witness in New Jersey said she saw 5 Israelis (Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari) taking video or photos of themselves smiling with the World Trade Center burning in the background. These men were arrested and their cameras were seized. I have seen videos and pictures seized by police shown on TV before, why not in this case? See my blog entry for more on this.

Posted by: Tom at January 5, 2009 06:20 PM

Among American elites, being a "liberal" is just a social/cultural label: pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-Affirmative Action, etc....

Nothing related to foreign policy at all. I pity all the ignorant leftists out there who still cling to the Democrats for "Peace on earth, goodwill to men".

Posted by: Dar at January 5, 2009 11:18 PM

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