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July 11, 2008

"Man of Constant Sorrow"

By: Bernard Chazelle

In the early 70s, my brother and I got a chance to tour briefly as road crew with a Boulder-based bluegrass band called Rufus Krisp, later renamed Gone Johnson. We were friends with the manager, an interesting guy who eventually left the music business to start the Coors Classic, the biggest bicycle race in the US. Anyway, I loved that music. Over the years, my taste for the genre has somewhat faded but I still cherish the sound of a good bluegrass band.

And so I remember the first time I heard "Union Station" and went: "Wow, this is the perfect bluegrass band! The singing and the playing of that ensemble are phenomenal. Everyone is a star. Alison Krauss is a fabulous vocalist and a wonderful fiddler.

Unfortunately, their songcraft is, in my humble opinion, not quite on a par with their musicianship. They truly shine when they stick to the standards. Like this one,

Vid synch a little off.

— Bernard Chazelle

Posted at July 11, 2008 09:39 PM

About half an hour into this (very long) video, there's a bluegrass bit.

Posted by: 01d55 at July 12, 2008 05:22 AM