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October 11, 2007

Tami Sagher: Funny

Tami Sagher is very, very funny. She wrote and performed one of the funniest segments ever to appear on This American Life, on their November 2, 2001 show (Ira Glass' introduction starts around 25:00). She also tells a funny story on this episode. And now she's started writing for 30 Rock, which was already genuinely funny and now will be funnier still.

Thus, I recommend you make your life better by adding some Tami Sagher to it.

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I'm not familiar with Ms. Sagher's work, but I know you are entirely wrong about her. Great minds agree - well, there really is only one great mind in the world today, and it is entirely in agreement with itself that Women Are Not Funny. In fact, they possess no recognizable sense of humor, as evidenced by their failure to spend their days collapsed in helpless laughter at the brilliant witticisms of the one great mind. Where there is no dick, there can be no humor. Teh penis is teh source of teh funny.

Posted by: Maud at October 12, 2007 07:51 AM