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October 08, 2007

The Real News On Iran

I believe The Real News (aka Independent World TV) is the most important media experiment in existence right now. Progressives already have fairly good magazines, books, radio and websites, but we're missing the most important part: TV. The Real News is an attempt to remedy this. I encourage you to check them out—beyond their website, a good place to start is with a DailyKos series of interviews with founder Paul Jay—and give them money. (So you know, I hope to do some work for them.)

Here are two recent interviews Paul Jay did on Iran. The first is with Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies, focusing on Hillary Clinton's views on the mideast:

And here's an interview with Pepe Escobar on the Kyl-Lieberman amendment and U.S. policy toward Iran generally:

Posted at October 8, 2007 09:33 AM | TrackBack

I will be cheering for their success.
Personally,I've been getting 'real news'for quite a few years now from Democracy Now and the INN Report(which is a little amateurish as far as production but loaded with information),both of which can be seen on Dish TV channel 9415.
As a bonus(this isn't an advertisement) Dish also provides all of the Sirius music channels-perfect for rural dwellers like myself who otherwise have the choice of 20 different pop country stations or 'classic' rock.

Posted by: BobS. at October 8, 2007 11:30 AM

these videos are on youtube as well, although they appear to be at a slightly better resolution here. Actually "The Real News" have a bunch of their videos at youtube.

I hope they can make a go of it and that soon "TRN" will be ubiquitous. I like saying ubiquitous. It's a darn good word.

Posted by: jonathan versen at October 8, 2007 03:08 PM

Jon, I appreciate the pointer to the interviews at DailyKos. In part 2, I finally found the answer to the question I'd been asking: IWT has a deal with LinkTV (which has been showing since 2002, I think) to show their flagship 'Real News'.

Here's the relevant clip:

LinkTV is on satellite, on DirectTV and on DISH, which puts them in 20-25 million houses. They're stronger in rural areas, suburban areas, where you can’t get cable. ... LinkTV acquires a lot of documentaries from around the world that you wouldn't see anywhere else. They have a show called "Mosaic" which is a very interesting show. They take newscasts from the Middle East, and they show you how seven or eight newscasts from different countries in the Middle East covered the same story. We also have a deal with RNN -- Regional News Network in NYC, which will give us Manhattan and the boroughs, which will be around 7-7.5 million houses. ... We met with Time-Warner and Comcast [cable]. I proposed to both of them that they put us on video on demand, [which] is expected to be one of their major profit growth centers. They've said, ... Prove to us you've got interest and support, and then why not?

Frankly, it's difficult to find an answer to the questions potential supporters might have on the IWT/TRNN site, particularly for us dialup neanderthals. If you're in touch with them, please recommend that they add a text FAQ to their 'about' section, that should include the information above about where they are going to be visible when they launch.

Given the crying need for independent media, it's important to promote and celebrate what has already been accomplished. I've been supporting and enjoying LinkTV since 2002, and it would sit better with me to introduce The Real News as an exciting addition to the independent TV already in existence, rather than phrasing it as if LinkTV and Free Speech TV didn't exist.

Would you consider rephrasing this, which I think is inaccurate and unnecessarily dismissive of the very channel that will provide most of the Real News' viewers at startup:

Progressives already have fairly good magazines, books, radio and websites, but we're missing the most important part: TV.

Posted by: Nell at October 8, 2007 03:19 PM

In the DKos interview, Paul Jay repeatedly encourages those interested in IWT/The Real News to read the business plan.

An excellent suggestion, but unfortunately I could not find the business plan on the site. After following all the links I could, I put 'business plan' in the search box. What came up was a video on 'what the media are saying about The Real News Network'.

If you have any tips on how someone could read the IWT/TRNN business plan, please pass them on. I'm not able to watch video on this connection, and I wouldn't want to take in a business plan in that form even if I could.

Posted by: Nell at October 8, 2007 03:37 PM

A lot of Republicans, or perhaps one should say supporters of the Republican/Conservative/Capital's agenda, knowing they have no chance of winning, will have registered as Dems some time ago (some as long ago as 2005). Hilary knows this. If you're wondering who she is appealing to by supporting invading Iran, that is who.

That is why engagement with the Dems is so important. If people from all parts of the left-- and perhaps more importantly, those who respect their opinions-- don't get heavily involved in the selection process, the US will still get someone who supports at least some GOP policies. This is one of the drivers of US policy to the right: Republicans don't let that happen when the winds of opinion favor them (except in things that don't matter to their owners, capital).

Posted by: me at October 9, 2007 04:10 AM

Nell, you could start here:

Pages went down some time ago with the redesign after the IWT->RN switch.

Posted by: buermann at October 9, 2007 04:22 AM

Thanks, buermann! You're a peach.

Posted by: Nell at October 9, 2007 02:11 PM