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February 19, 2007

Speaking Of Bottoms

Speaking of bottoms, and the odd fixations that some political leaders have with them, did you know Ian Paisley ran a failed campaign in the late seventies called "Save Ulster from Sodomy"? I myself didn't until I learned it from Bob Harris' incredibly funny and fascinating forthcoming book.

Of course, those who did not support Paisley must now admit how wrong they were, given that Sodomy conquered Ulster. The city has been razed to the ground by the Sodomy Army, and all its residents sent to work in the Sodomy Mines. Let us hope mankind has finally learned its lesson: you cannot negotiate with or appease Sodomy.

AND: I once knew a young Irish lass right around the time Ireland approved a referendum changing the constitution to make divorce legal. (Amazingly enough, this was in 1995.) She used to tell funny stories about how her mother was definitely voting for it, and her father was definitely voting against.

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Some interpretations emphasize that the Sodomites' greatest sin was hostility towards guests, rather than sexual depravity. So it would be somewhat appropriate if they became a marauding army after God blasted their town.

But they would also be easy to defeat -- if you could just get them to look back towards the old homestead, they'd all turn to salt. And I bet the Irish, with all those weepy nostalgic ballads about home, could get them to do exactly that.

So any Sodomite general who dared take on the "Danny Boy" brigades would be making a strategic mistake on par with that of the invasion of Iraq, committed by anti-Sodomite George Bush. Irony abounds, and that's the strangest link I'll make today, I think.

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