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February 02, 2007

I Only Write For Publications With "Tom" In The Name

In addition to that TomDispatch article, here's another new piece I co-wrote, from

Armchair Activism That Works

One of the most remarkable, unexpected developments of the Internet has been the explosive growth of Wikipedia. At first glance, the Wikipedia concept—that thousands upon thousands of volunteers working with little central supervision can create a huge databank of accurate information—seems untenable. And yet the Wikipedia bumblebee flies anyway. While not flawless, Wikipedia has become an invaluable resource, with detailed articles on everything from arithmetic to geodesy to the movie "Zoolander."

Can progressives make this power of networked volunteers work for us? Some are already trying. Last year, Josh Marshall’s asked the site’s readers to in turn ask their members of Congress, on the record: Do you support Bush’s plans to privatize Social Security? A regular progressive organization would have needed a large, expensive staff to make the thousands of necessary calls—if, as non-constituents, they could have gotten responses at all. But by working together in a mass electronic barn-raising, Marshall’s thousands of readers got this critical information quickly and easily. Moreover, they had fun doing it and became more loyal to the site in the process.

The rest.

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so now you are a member of the tom tom club. are you going to hang out with david byrne and wear a funny suit?

Posted by: Jonathan Versen at February 2, 2007 08:59 PM

Read about the site. NOW WE'RE TALKING.

Posted by: Mike Meyer at February 2, 2007 09:10 PM

How does this tie in with national, state and local indy media sites, if at all?

Posted by: Jesus B. Ochoa at February 3, 2007 09:37 AM

Jesus B. Ochoa: I can see where this media volunteer could be effective IF you can get the volunteers. Perhaps one could run a campaign for an elected office on very little money but with the help of the 12 minute volunteers, therefore bypassing election financing regulations entirely. (and those nasty obligations that seem to tag along)
At the moment I finished reading the site, I began to wonder if an e mail campaign to LOWER CONGRESSIONAL WAGES TO THE MINIMUM WAGE, would be possible with such a volunteer network. (both houses) (Ben Franklin said,"The seeds of your corruption are in these high paid government positions.)
mistah charley,ph.d. I really do wish I had a pair of bongos.

Posted by: Mike Meyer at February 3, 2007 01:05 PM

mistah charley-- the tom toms were guests on "stop making sense", as was the funny suit-- but you probably know that too.

mike meyer-- have you tried the local pawn shops?

Posted by: Jonathan Versen at February 3, 2007 02:40 PM

Jonathan Versen: Only when the rent's due.

Posted by: Mike Meyer at February 3, 2007 05:03 PM

US President Tim Kalemkarian, US Senate Tim Kalemkarian, US House Tim Kalemkarian: best major candidate.

Posted by: anonymous at February 8, 2007 12:33 PM