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November 22, 2006

For Excellence In Internetting

The award goes to:

• Dennis Perrin on Michael Richards and the reactions thereto.

• No More Mr. Nice Blog for If I Helped Turn Iraq into an Open-Air Abbatoir for Human Beings, Here's How It Happened by Douglas Feith, and more!

• Max Sawicky on being moved to profanity by the Washington Post's execrable coverage of Social Security.

• Arianna Huffington on the sad-but-real fear that runs Hollywood.

I just hope this will bring some much needed attention to the awardees, particularly Ms. Huffington, who's a wonderful writer but all her career has suffered from a crippling shyness.

Posted at November 22, 2006 10:53 AM | TrackBack

Re: Mr. Richards, things feel a little out of phase here. At the same time that we're being told Richards will have to apologize again. (and even then his career will be over), audiences are yucking it up watching Sacha Baron Cohen smear generic poor Central Asian Muslims as stupid child-fuckers who drink horse piss -- but that's OK because hey, it's a joke. And who cares if the Kazakhs can't take a joke?

Posted by: Lloyd at November 22, 2006 06:40 PM

Spot on Lloyd.

Posted by: jimbo at November 23, 2006 02:09 PM

Lloyd: Not to mention the way the Borat thing used the Roma gypsies in one of the scenes - I decided I would not go see it. And my two teenagers actually really want to.

I don't have anything against good satire but there is a line beyond which it becomes cruel voyeurism.

Posted by: Anna in Portland (was Cairo) at November 23, 2006 02:36 PM

P.S.: Allen Funt was gentle with his victims. 'Borat' is just mean-spirited.

Posted by: Lloyd at November 23, 2006 07:28 PM

Borat's mean! Borat's offensive! Satire's fine and all but there's a time and a place!

Criminy, we made our big political comeback just over two weeks ago and already I can't stand us.

Posted by: clarke at November 24, 2006 07:22 PM

Clarke: Who's "we"?

Posted by: Lloyd at November 25, 2006 08:46 AM