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January 10, 2006

Things You Should Read If Indeed You Are A Good Person As You ALWAYS CLAIM

1. Dennis Perrin on Al Franken posing with guard dogs at Abu Ghraib. I hope Franken has enough perspective eventually to realize this was somewhat unwholesome.

2. Dennis Perrin on what life looks like from the bottom of the heap:

One columnist I knew asked whether this was participatory journalism. No, I answered -- I’m doing this because I need the work. I then told him that he should take six months off and do the same thing, that it would be good for him. "Uh, I don’t think so. Thanks anyway," he replied. He never spoke to me again.

3. Chris Floyd on The Highly Informative Hissy Fit of L. Paul Bremer III.

4. Dean Baker foolishly calls for a rational prescription drug policy. (Via.)

5. "Revenge of the Mutt People" by Joe Bageant, over at the Zemblan royal palace:

We the mutt faced sons and daughters of the republic. Born to kick your chicken breast meat to death for you in the darkest, most dismal corners of our great land, born to kill and be killed in stockcar races, drunken domestic rows, and of course in the desert dusty back streets at the edges of the empire. Middle class urban liberals may never claim us as brothers, much less willing servants, but as they say in prison, we are your meat. We do your bidding. Your refusal to admit that we do your dirty work for you, not to mention the international smackdowns and muggings for the republic—from which you benefit more materially than we ever will—makes it no less true.

6. And last but not least, retired British general Michael Rose, former commander of UK forces in Bosnia, calls for Blair to be impeached for Iraq.

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