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December 11, 2005

More Me

I'm going to be on the Eugene Ellis show on CASH 1700 am in San Diego tonight from 10-11 pm ET, 7-8 PT. We're supposed to talk about Iraq, the Bush administration's lies about Iraq, the Bush administration's lies about their lies about Iraq, and so on in an infinite, Esher-like regression. Live streaming is here.

Posted at December 11, 2005 04:54 PM | TrackBack

I think Bush doesn't go to Church all that often either. . . I suppose he and Mr. DUI could have a lot to talk about at Christmas time. Which hasn't quite started yet, imho.

Silly question--since the Al Jazeera memo was a transcript of a Bush-Blair conversation, shouldn't there be an American analog? Wouldn't there be an American stenographer/assistant in the room along with the British memo? I'm sure that the American version of the transcript would be difficult to get, but perhaps less legally difficult.

Is the Bush Admin's dislike of Al Jazeera particularly scrutable? I mean, I've never quite understood it, nor seen an analysis of the why of it that wasn't too amazed at the stupidity of it to be insightful.

Another thing that people forget is that women actually had fairly decent rights in Iraq compared to other states. . .though Iranian Shia Sharia law is vastly more woman-friendly than most Sunni Arab versions. . .

What's up with the little line about Lieberman and Boxer being critical of Saudi Arabia? Why wouldn't anyone be critical of Saudi Arabia? Lumping Boxer in with Lieberman doesn't make much sense.

Nice protest at the "everyone's different" spiel--the problem is not that Iraqis are so different from us. The problem is that they're in a situation that's very different from ours and they're being presented with a face of the American government that's very different from the one most of us really face.

Should have let you talk more.

Posted by: Saheli at December 11, 2005 09:51 PM

FWIW here's an insight on Smirky McGod's manic panic to destroy Al-Jezeera:

Bush is supposed to be the leader of the greatest myriad democracy the world has known, and this boneheaded bigot cannot stand anyone in the same room (or on his TV) to express a view different from his own. That's his deadly bubble. He hates the Other, and all the Other weltanschauungen, worldviews. He doesn't just deny importance, he tries to deny existence to the other.

And the very essence of democracy is the tolerance of other points of view...

Posted by: the cubist at December 12, 2005 10:26 PM