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March 24, 2005

More Stuff

1. Definitely check out Dennis Perrin's story about debating Stephen Rosenfeld, then-editorial page editor of the Washington Post:

When the day came and I sat through Rosenfeld's opening statement, I realized that the guy had done no homework and was relying on conventional wisdom and the fact that he was a WaPo heavy hitter. It became one of my easier debates. The guy had nothing. And his contempt for my argument for greater media independence and news consumer awareness deepened when, after asking me where I'd gone to college, I replied that I hadn't.

"Well then, how do you know all this stuff?"

The best part about this is that Rosenfeld (Harvard '53) has it exactly backward. It's only by going to a fancy college that people like Rosenfeld pick up the ability to not know anything.

2. Zeynep at Under the Same Sun follows issues connected to AIDS closely. Check out her important post "Due to Today's Developments, Tens of Millions of People Not-Named Terri Schiavo May Die."

3. A reminder: April 1st is the deadline for submissions to the 2005 Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest. Previous winners can be found here.

Real cash prizes! An opportunity to strike back against Big Poetry!

4. The genuinely funny song "The Drugs I Need" from Consumers Union has been downloaded over half a million times and generated 75,000 emails to Congress in support of prescription drug policy reform. If you haven't already, you can send your own email here.

5. Eric Carlson, a student in Oregon, was nice enough to write and let me know of his new website, New Revolution.

Disclaimer: This site, New Revolution, Communications Revolution, Marginal Revolution, Conservative Revolution and Blue Revolution are part of Revolution, Inc.'s expanding Revolution-themed online network.

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Re Dennis Perrins comments - Isn't it amazing how people who have been trained in WHAT to think, think they know HOW to think and are totally unaware of the difference to the point they are not in the least bit embarassed to point this out to everyone with ears to hear.

Posted by: Jim Shanahan at March 24, 2005 06:12 PM