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March 23, 2005

Good For Licking & Not Good For Licking

Several days ago, Dooce posted a picture of her friend Heather whimsically titled "Heather is Good for Licking." This has apparently inspired a funny series of pictures of other things that are good for licking.

Meanwhile, she has also written about her exploding pus-swollen knee cyst—here and then here. This is how she describes the cyst's interaction with her husband:

I was just as interested in the dissection of the primitive life form in the back of my knee, so I contorted my body in wholly impossible ways to see what was happening as he squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. I will spare you the details of the consistency and make-up and amount of foreign substance that leaked out of my knee, but what I won’t keep my lips shut about is the part where the pressure was so intense that it suddenly popped and hit Jon in the eye...

Yes, we may use the bathroom with the door open and share a bed and talk about poop, but the line has to be drawn somewhere AND THAT LINE IS GOO BEING SHOT FROM ONE PERSON’S KNEE INTO THE OTHER PERSON’S EYE.

I’d say that line is fair.

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