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February 11, 2005

May God Bless You, Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore is president of the Free Enterprise Fund and co-founder of the Club for Growth. You can hardly turn on a television or radio without hearing him yammering about the wonderful world that will erupt when we privatize Social Security. Sometimes I think I will open the medicine cabinet in my bathroom and he will be inside, ready and eager to discuss marginal tax rates.

You might gather from this that I don't like him. But you would be wrong. No one who makes me laugh like Stephen Moore can be all bad. For instance, a recent Los Angeles Times editorial quotes him complaining about a "witch hunt against corporate excess and corporate accounting scandals."

What I enjoy so much about this is that the stock market, without the heavy hand of government regulation, would collapse in three minutes. Without someone setting rules and punishing fraud, the Dow Jones Industrial Average would now be—instead of 10,796—approximately 4.

So when I hear Stephen Moore say these things, I imagine a group of small boys who raise money to hire one of their own as a spokesperson, so their spokesperson can constantly complain to adults about a "witch hunt against crossing the street without looking" and "a witch hunt against drinking Drano to see what would happen."

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Stephen Moore= Longinus to the SocSec Jesus.

Posted by: Hee En Ming at February 12, 2005 08:06 AM