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July 08, 2004

Blair: "My Nose May Be On Fire. We Don't Know"

On Tuesday, Tony Blair -- in addition to revealing the shocking news that "we may not find" Iraq's supposed WMD -- explained that Saddam Hussein "may have removed or hidden or even destroyed those weapons. We don't know."

This is 100% accurate. All of those things -- Iraq removing its weapons, hiding them, or destroying them -- is something that "may" have happened. Of course, all the evidence indicates that Iraq destroyed its banned weapons more than ten years ago, and none of the evidence indicates Iraq removed or hid them.

In other words, it would just be as accurate for Blair to say, "Saddam Hussein may have given his WMD to the Pope, or hidden them in Michael Moore's pants, or eaten them. He may even have destroyed those weapons. We don't know."

How Blair can be so shamelessly dishonest so constantly is a mystery. If he were a normal person his brain would explode just so it wouldn't have to listen to itself anymore.

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