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June 28, 2004

The Menace of Nutopia

A piece in the Washington Post Outlook section mentions this:

In December 1980, the month after Reagan's election, KGB chief [Yuri] Andropov circulated a confidential memorandum to the Central Committee. It wasn't about the president-elect, but about the murder of John Lennon that month. Andropov reported that "in many of Moscow's establishments of higher education," anonymous posters had appeared to organize a demonstration in memory of the ex-Beatle. "The KGB has taken the necessary measures to identify the instigators of this gathering and is in control of the situation," Andropov assured the party elite.

It's good to know that Yuri Andropov and J. Edgar Hoover -- despite their differences in ideology, history, etc. -- did share some common ground: ie, a bizarre fixation on the menace posed by John Lennon.

The only sad part is Andropov and Hoover never got to meet and discuss their strategies for staying "in control of the situation."

HOOVER: Our great nation is threatened by this hooligan Lennon. Particularly his song "Nutopian International Anthem." That one has a power we just can't stop.
ANDROPOV: Yes, our nation too!
HOOVER: If we don't do something, America will crumble and we'll be living in Nutopia. So to make sure I stay "in control of the situation," I have put on my special strong underwear.
ANDROPOV: Yes, me too!
HOOVER: It make me feel... safe.
ANDROPOV: Yes, me too!
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Power Panties! For the insane cross-dressing authoritarian in your life.

Posted by: Harry at July 2, 2004 10:10 PM