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August 02, 2005

Best. Comments. Ever.

Right now there's a spirited debate in the comments to this post from September, 2004 about the relative merits of Roman consuls Sulla and Marius. I don't think it's in any way diminished by the fact that—going by IP addresses—everyone participating in the argument is the same person.

Posted at August 2, 2005 07:54 PM | TrackBack

Marius rules! No, really. Well, he did.

Posted by: Hugo, er Jonathan Versen at August 3, 2005 01:05 AM

I like to think this site has the highest density of Sulla and Marius-themed jokes anywhere on earth. Sometimes I even allow myself to believe there's an Guiness Book of World Records category for this.

Posted by: Jonathan Schwarz at August 3, 2005 07:26 AM

Using the same IP is a wee bit lackadasical, but I admire the energy it takes to argue with yourself.

Posted by: Harry at August 3, 2005 08:02 AM

The post by "alexis" regarding Hulk Hogan was not made by me....although I am the one who wrote the lengthy, earlier comment. Proof positive.

Posted by: Alexis S at August 3, 2005 08:09 AM