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May 03, 2005

Less A Web Site, More A Support Group

I wonder if there's some way I can change the software here so my blizzard of John Ralston Saul references will only appear to people who've opted-in. Alternatively, I could go with the flow and transform the site wholly into a support group for John Ralston Saul obsessives and the people who love us.


1. Peter of Peknet has discovered an article in the Ottawa Citizen about Saul visiting Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

2. Jon Husband, a Doubter's Companion fan and self-admitted Canadian, recommends the video of a John Ralston Saul speech called "In Defense of Public Education."

Posted at May 3, 2005 10:54 AM | TrackBack

On the strength of your raving, I picked up _Voltaire's Bastards_ at a used bookstore here in Vancouver yesterday. I'm only about 50 pages in, but it's looking like a winner so far. Thanks for the tip.

Posted by: ConceptAlbum at May 3, 2005 02:45 PM

Despite your frenzy, you're only pulling in at #133 on a Google search for "John Ralston Saul".

Posted by: saurabh at May 3, 2005 10:51 PM

Could you? Could you please limit the flow to those who have opted in? I would hate to have a brilliant site spoiled by a single inexplicable vice.

Posted by: alexis S at May 4, 2005 12:17 PM

Interestingly, if you look up "john ralston saul" hate wrong, you come up #3.

Posted by: alexis S at May 4, 2005 12:23 PM