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April 10, 2005

I Respect My Comment Spam For Not Sucking Up To Me

I used to get comment spam that said things like "Dead on post!" or "Excellent point—I've bookmarked this site!" Then I'd get offended by the implication that I was so hungry for obsequious flattery that I wouldn't delete it.

So I'm pleased to say I just got spam (on the post "The Grand Re-Opening of") saying:

i have to say i disagree

All right! I like the idea of healthy debate, even if one side of the debate is non-human!

While I went ahead and deleted it anyway, I urge you to visit the good people at

The Best Dental Insurance Info

for all your Best Dental Insurance Info needs.

NOTE: The link doesn't seem to lead anywhere, but that is part of the eternal mystery that is comment spam.

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