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April 02, 2005

Things! Things! Things!

1. Yesterday's pudubl*gging by Bob Harris is particularly funny and enlightening.

2. Joe Dunn, a California state senator, has written an important diary for Daily Kos about the use of pension funds to rein in corporate abuses. It's surprising, and very encouraging, to see an actual politician dealing with actual politics.

You can read more about the bizarre anomaly that is Joe Dunn at his website.

3. Gloria Lalumia of BuzzFlash attended a recent Seymour Hersh lecture. (Via Le Roi De Zembla.)

4. David Swanson writes about the new bankruptcy bill for Black Commentator.

5. Once every 42 years, the Washington Post publishes a worthwhile column about US foreign policy. Check back again in 2047.

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