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March 16, 2005

We Were All Wrong That Charlize Theron Wanted To Bear My Children

It's terrible when we all get something wrong. But what can you do?

Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, defended himself on Tuesday against Democratic lawmakers who say he contributed to soaring budget deficits by endorsing President Bush's tax cuts in 2001.

Mr. Greenspan acknowledged that he and many others had been wrong to expect trillions of dollars in surpluses that never materialized...

"I look back and I would say to you, if confronted with the same evidence we had back then, I would recommend exactly what I recommended then," Mr. Greenspan said. "It turns out we were all wrong."

As David Kay pointed out, the same thing happened with all of us and the Iraq/WMD issue:

It turns out that we were all wrong.

Likewise, we all made a significant error in late 2004; because I believe in honesty, I even testified to this under oath:

We all believed that Charlize Theron was eager to bear the children of me, Jonathan Schwarz—and that it was therefore critically important that I disable her home's security apparatus, sneak in, and wait on her bed, nude, oiled and perfumed.

It turns out we were all wrong.

The important thing is that, in all three cases, it would be height of injustice to punish anyone. EVERYONE agrees on that.

(Via Digby and Maxspeak.)

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