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March 09, 2005

I Guess Disgustingness, Like Beauty, Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I have a fun quiz for you!

Recently Chuck Schumer, senator from New York State, spoke of something as "The most disgusting thing I've seen in 30 years of public life."

To what was Senator Schumer referring? Was it:

A. Some words written on paper by Matt Taibbi?


B. This:

...and this:

... and this:

... and this:

...all combined with this?

Answer below!

The answer, of course, is B. No human being could be so stupidly vicious as to claim any words are as disgusting as torture, maiming, and the slaughter of parents in front of their children—all based on shameless lies.


No, just kidding. Obviously the answer is A. Good god, Matt Taibbi is disgusting.

Posted at March 9, 2005 02:50 AM | TrackBack

great post.

actually Taibbi's column was fucking hilarious and it made a really solid point (as the editor who quit noted)

number 22 really demonstrates what this point was:

Mankind scrambles to choose new leader of inflexible, sexually morbid institutional anachronism; heretofore anonymous bureaucrat will instantly be celebrated as world's holiest man as he travels to AIDS-stricken Africa to denounce the use of condoms

Posted by: b.hunter at March 9, 2005 03:07 PM

For a long time I was a supporter of the theory "I support the troops but not the war."
not anymore. those pictures and the fact that these things are allowed to go on make me ashamed to be a part of this country.

Posted by: Angela at March 9, 2005 03:10 PM

I've always thought Chuck Schumer was the most disgusting thing about Chuck Schumer's 30 years in public life.

Posted by: Trip at March 9, 2005 04:08 PM

Chuck Schumer was also quite disgusting during the Waco hearings, at which time he lashed out at the survivors of the atrocity and accused them of lying.

Posted by: Anthony Gregory at March 9, 2005 04:27 PM

Matt Taibbi is God. His NYPress and older Exile columns are vicious, funny, smart and honest. Too bad America can't take his brilliance - Taibbi's editor just got fired for the article you link to. He wrote stuff like this, and worse, for years in post-Soviet Russia and nobody got fired over it. This may say something about the relative press freedom between these countries.

Posted by: sevenless at March 9, 2005 04:35 PM

Presumably Matt is in trouble over the pope column? I didn't get the parts about eels, but aside from that it was quintessential Taibbi.

That a politician is mad about Matt Taibbi and not Iraq is likely due to the politician endorsing and profiting from Iraq and not getting enough 'contributions' from Matt Taibbi. Matt clearly needs his own deep pocketed lobby to demand unconditional support for his views!

Posted by: TS at March 9, 2005 04:47 PM

Powerful post!

The second pic is part of a series. It inspired me
to write this piece:

"Why the Children in Iraq Make No Sound When They Fall"

Posted by: Bernard Chazelle at March 9, 2005 07:22 PM

Schumer's shameless pandering is disgusting.

Posted by: Jon Koppenhoefer at March 10, 2005 11:57 PM


At least you admit to not supporting the troops. Most on delusional leftists just keep up the facade they they do.


You don't deserve their protection.

Posted by: The Powers That Be at March 14, 2005 05:47 PM

Hey "Powers",
Have you ever tried thinking for yourself instead of simply regurgitating oversimplified, patrio-fascist, jingo pablum?

Not all of the troops are sadistic thugs. Most of them are just unwitting dupes of the State, like "Powers".

Great post. A succinct illustration of what is wrong with this country.

Posted by: Matthew Bryan at March 15, 2005 01:10 AM

It appears that it makes you feel better to think that anyone who disagrees with you isn't thinking for themself. But, I guess that's the state of liberalism today.

I guess I'm not nuanced enough to understand your disdain for the greatest of our citizens.

Posted by: The Powers That Be at March 15, 2005 02:37 AM

Another clue that Powers'intellect is held hostage by the right-wing shout monkeys: Assuming everyone who disagrees with this criminal war, and those who abet it, is a "liberal".
He's just another one-note song from the "New Right".

Posted by: Matthew Bryan at March 15, 2005 11:51 AM

i thouhght nothing till i saw the last pic im crying right now and at 25 years of age hope thats the last pic like that i have to see i will never forget it thank you

Posted by: jenny lefler at October 16, 2005 02:16 AM