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January 09, 2005

Master Economist Dean Baker Strikes Again

I've mentioned Dean Baker before. He's an economist and co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. If you're interested in the stuff I blather on about, I strongly urge you to check out his work.

Recently he's been posting things on the site of Max Sawicky. Here Dean makes the same point I just did about Bush lickspittle Peter Wehner. Here he explains why Wehner was also wrong when he claimed "wage indexation makes it impossible to 'grow our way' out of the Social Security problem." However, I believe Wehner does know the names of his own children.

For more, you can check out this. Or for the full dose, read a book Baker co-wrote called Social Security: The Phony Crisis.

By the way... when I refer to Peter Wehner as a "Bush lickspittle," I don't mean it in a pejorative sense. I'm just following the dictionary definition.

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