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January 04, 2005

Kudos To Andrew Sullivan For Proving Our Violent Idiots Are As Clever As Their Violent Idiots

The New York Times Magazine ran a long story on Sunday about Al Arabiya. Al Arabiya is a 24-hour satellite news network broadcasting from Dubai. According to the story, they see themselves as CNN to Al Jazeera's Fox News.

And so, Al Arabiya has come under attack in Iraq from self-described jihadists:

In late October, a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb outside the Al Arabiya compound in the Al Mansour neighborhood in Baghdad, killing five, wounding dozens and destroying the channel's Baghdad office... A group called the Jihadist Martyrs Brigades took credit for the attack. In its dispatches, members had criticized Al Arabiya for giving the new Iraqi government overly favorable coverage. They called Al Arabiya a ''terrorist channel'' and suggested that its name, which means ''the Arab,'' should be changed to ''the Hebrew.''

I grew quite concerned when I saw this. I mean, that's pretty funny! To make a quip implying your domestic "opponents" are really on the side of your foreign "opponents"! No one's ever thought of THAT before!

Could it be, I wondered, that Iraq's hate-filled morons are more clever than our hate-filled morons? Do we suffer from a Clever Hate-Filled Moron Gap?

Fortunately, this article by Matt Welch informed me that, during the invasion of Iraq, Andrew Sullivan liked to call the BBC the "Baghdad Broadcasting Company."

Ha ha ha! Oh, I'm shaking with merriment! How can we bear to live in a world with people so incredibly witty!

So, I don't have to be worried any longer. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for demonstrating that our hate-filled morons are EVERY BIT AS CLEVER as Iraq's hate-filled morons. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you.

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