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December 14, 2004

And On A Personal Note

Does anyone know whether Afshari, the name of the family I just mentioned, is common in Iran? And what does it mean?

I ask because, back in ninth grade, I had a low grade crush on an Iranian-American classmate of mine whose last name was Afshar. Indeed, my friendship with Rob Weisberg began with a conversation about our mutual appreciation of her, uh, attributes. If I remember correctly, we examined the feasibility of constructing a 100-foot tall statue of her naked outside our high school.

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I will check out the etymology of the word "afshari" for you Jon. To all interested in Iranian issues, Amnesty International UK has a heartrending case and action alert on their front page about a 19 year old girl with mental capacity of an 8 year old sentenced to death for sexual indecency committed when she was a child (apparently she was prostituted by her mom). Please consider helping by sending letters to the Iranian authorities by fax or e-mail as listed on Amnesty's website. Thanks, Anna

Posted by: Anna in Cairo at December 15, 2004 03:11 AM