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October 28, 2004

TheJohnCleese.Com Is Open

I urge you to go to John Cleese's website, TheJohnCleese.Com, and join. It's just $50 for a year, and from what I can tell, will be more than worth it. Plus, if John Cleese succeeds, it would demonstrate that writers/performers/etc. can actually make money via the internet(s), completely cutting out the sometimes unpleasant middlemen.

And while I have your John Cleese-focused attention, let me also plug his wonderful books on human psychology: Life and How to Survive It and Families and How to Survive Them. He co-wrote them with his former therapist Robin Skynner, whom Cleese has referred to as one of the few genuinely wise people he's ever met. I'd certainly agree about Skynner; the books are fantastic, and some of the few things I've ever read about psychology that make sense to me.

In fact, if you read the books, you will get a firm handle on why people continue to lie so shamelessly about Iraq's purported WMD. Indeed, if you are very lucky, I may explain what I mean without you having to read the books. But you should read them anyway.

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