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October 13, 2004

Hersh Tells Story On NPR

Fables of the Reconstruction says Seymour Hersh did indeed tell his story about a possible massacre of Iraqis by American soldiers when on NPR's Diane Rehm Show. Hersh was on the show on Friday, October 1, a week before he spoke at Berkeley. The online streaming doesn't seem to be working now, but according to Fables of the Reconstruction, this is what Hersh said beginning at 12:28:

"I got a call [from] a guy in the field, an officer, he's got a ... unit near a village. ... There was a group of Iraqis they'd been very friendly with, guards around a granary, and his men had gotten very friendly with these Iraqis - they were paid a few bucks each to protect the granary.... [A]nother unit came in and began to kill all the guards ... in front of this other unit. And this ... officer tried to stop it, couldn't stop it, tried to complain about it; was told, "No, we've got a great kill, we've killed a lot of insurgents...."
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