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September 30, 2004

Didn't Watch Debate; Head Still Attached To Body

What did I think of the debate? Oh, I'm glad you asked! What I thought about the debate was: I didn't watch it because I could not endure it without pulling off my own head.

I just can't stand to listen to American politicians, in either party. Partly because they lie so much and partly because they're mostly so incompetent at (what you'd think would be) the most basic skill of a politician: communicating. I loathed Ronald Reagan, but he did once say something with which I agreed, in response to a question about how an actor could be president. Reagan replied: I don't think you could be president without being something of an actor. But most of these guys are such BAD actors.

Anyway, reading over the transcript I'm pleased to see George Bush stated "Saddam Hussein had no intention of disarming." Excellent! Yes, Saddam had no intention of disarming, just like he had no intention of getting divorced from Madonna.

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