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September 26, 2004

"Treachery" Is Just As Fantastic As You'd Expect

The journalist Doug Ireland has written some interesting stuff about this book Treachery with the title I find so funny. According to Ireland, Treachery is exactly the mountain of crap you'd expect from a national security reporter for the Washington Times.

Also interesting is that Treachery has a laudatory blurb from Duncan Hunter, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Hunter probably believes the things he reads in Treachery -- but as Ireland has written elsewhere, many of Treachery's claims originate with the lie factory of which Hunter is a part.

Thus, I feel I can once again quote Karl Wiegand, an Austrian journalist who after World War I observed: "How are nations ruled and led into war? Politicians lie to journalists and then believe those lies when they see them in print."

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