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July 28, 2004

Some Jokes

1. Joann Wypijewski quotes a woman in South Carolina as calling Al Sharpton's candidacy a "scampaign."

Wypijewski's article is about the history of Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition. It's REALLY interesting, despite the fact that it appears in the Nation.

2. Many people have pointed out that George Bush's most fervent supporters are like members of a cult, in their devotion and eagerness to ignore reality. However, writer David Corn says: "It's actually worse than that. At least cult members have someone thinking for them."

3. Matt Taibbi writes this in his New York Press column:

After about three weeks on the bus with Kerry, I was in a state of almost complete mental paralysis. It was almost like a state of amnesia, or the annihilating early onset of schizophrenic illness, brought on by some deeply traumatic experience—like watching your father butcher your mother to death, or catching your wife screaming with pleasure in bed with Hitler.

Let's say that one more time:

"... catching your wife screaming with pleasure in bed with Hitler."

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