Comments: The Inverted World of Clarence Thomas

I remember those signs, up and down Hw301 in Florida. Ah, the memories, the "Good Ole Dayz". A judge with GENEROUS millionaire friends, some things never change

Posted by Mike Meyer at June 24, 2011 02:14 AM

To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid; you must also be well-mannered. — Voltaire

Posted by Butch in Waukegan at June 24, 2011 02:44 AM

Don't you mean the Washington Generals, who always lost to the Harlem Globetrotters? The Wizards may be pathetic, but they do win once in awhile.

Posted by CDT at June 24, 2011 04:08 PM

@CDT - Oh, yeah. A good demonstration of my knowledge of sports, that was. Thanks.

Posted by Aaron Datesman at June 24, 2011 04:43 PM

Clarence Thomas is cynical about everything but money and self-interest, so he's the perfect person to have been appointed with one of the most cynical lies ever--that he was the most qualified person to be on the Supreme Court.

Seriously, Thomas doesn't give a shit about Frederick Douglas, ideas, or much else. Scalia is hateful, but his cynicism is subordinate to his crazed right-wing ideology, which is with him much more genuine.

Posted by N E at June 25, 2011 07:59 AM

In specific places like the one you mention here, the toxins of power have corrupted the judicial branch of government too.

It is just that corruption is out of the closet walking the street big time because accountability went the way of the dinosaurs.

Posted by Dredd at June 25, 2011 07:13 PM

I think most people read the Bible in the mirror, or with the intellectual depth of a fourteen year old.

Posted by Amandasaurus at June 26, 2011 02:28 PM


Posted by Mike Meyer at June 26, 2011 08:53 PM

...and that goddamned Tea Party. Grassroots my ass.

Posted by Amandasaurus at June 27, 2011 03:07 PM

Come on, the Koch brothers are grassroots!

Posted by N E at June 27, 2011 07:46 PM