Comments: Five Dollar Friday

me too

Posted by N E at October 26, 2010 03:32 PM

Yeah, me too. The elections next Tuesday are one example where all the choices make me sick.

Another choice that I hate is who to give money to. I try to give 10% away, mostly to charities, but they really get make me sick by continually asking for more (I guess they have to - I knew a guy once who ran for state senate, and his campaign manager told him, "if someone will give you $100, then he will give you $200" - in other words, keep bugging the people who already gave you money).

Anyway, I gave Emily $25 a few weeks ago - and thankfully, she hasn't asked for more. I won't participate in $5 Fridays because that would require me to make more choices, and it's not worth having to do so for only $5. Make it $50 Fridays and tell me who to give it to and maybe I could get into it - although I don't know if I trust you (Jon) enough. I gave money to Robert Parry (Consortiumnews), and then he wrote this really terrible article about how we have to support the Dems and attacking Nader and people who wouldn't vote for HHH in '68. He's also always asking for more (by e-mail, and the "remove me from the list options doesn't work - I guess I'll have to send his e-mails automatically to the trash).

Posted by Mike B. at October 27, 2010 09:49 AM