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Yes, the IDF can kill and maim with impunity and the coalition forces can blow up a house for fun!


"And that won't happen amidst the media blackout"

Of course, THE ONLY DEMOCRACY in the middle east where.........

"Cozy Relationship Between Israeli Judiciary and Military Facilitates Gag Orders and Other Free Speech Violations eg Anat Kam-Uri Blau story"


Posted by Rupa Shah at August 14, 2010 10:45 AM

Max is indeed brilliant, though I vehemently disagree with his position on Jeff Blankfort and Chomsky.

Posted by demize! at August 14, 2010 05:07 PM

I think I'm with Max as opposed to Jeff Blankfort. The Israel Lobby exists and has a great deal of influence, but I think the US government policy of supporting thuggish Arab dictators repressing their own people would be the same even if Israel had never existed.

Here's Max writing on the subject--

" I don’t think we have a sat is fac tory synthesis explain ing the Israel Lobby’s role in shaping American foreign policy. I don’t think the Walt-Mearsheimer argument is very sat is fac tory, and am con sis tently stunned at the welcome their work has received from leftists. Various domestic interests assert them selves in various ways. Some do so through lobbying, some through Congress, some through the executive, some through the Pentagon. Ideology plays a role, too, man i fested in this case most pow er fully as Jewish nation al­ism and tribalism–Zionism. The Lobby and Israel uses these forces to mobilize people, often enough against more tangible economic interests. What the Lobby–defined narrowly, say, focusing on AIPAC–is , is an orga ni za tion that advises the affluent, and espe cially affluent Jews, as to how they should disburse their money, telling them which con gres sional can di dates they should support. The notion that the Lobby does nothing for American capitalism-imperialism (same thing) more broadly isn’t serious. Gabriel Ash has pointed out that the Lobby and fears of anti-Semitism stalled the Durban process, and canned Cynthia McKinney when she got out of line by doing her job–representing her con stituents, or starting to. Likewise the canard of anti-Semitism, pushed by the Lobby, has been used to attack Venezuela, an enemy of the Empire. I’m sure there are other examples. In the absence of a rigorous mate ri al ist analysis, there’s no analysis at all."

End of Max quote.

I can't argue at his level, but that sounds about right to me.

Posted by Donald Johnson at August 15, 2010 10:19 AM