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Nagging work!

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Michael Moore is wrong about that photo. It is not a picture of Afghans protesting against the US killing three villagers. It is a picture from a story dating to February 2009 where some Afghans in a village in Ghazni protested a mosque being shot up by a group of Polish soldiers (not US). There were no reported casualties and even the mosque shooting up-ness was a bit dubious.

I was wondering where exactly the photo came from because the people in the picture don't look like Pashtuns. Maybe they are Hazara. Apparently that province has a lot of Hazara in it, though I couldn't find out about Dhi Khodaidad specifically.

Rahmat Nikzad is credited with taking the photo (for the AP).

Posted by DavidByron at August 12, 2010 07:04 PM

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You are right.
The caption under this picture at MM website states, "No photos yet of the Zarin Khil protest, but this picture from an Afghan protest several months ago gives you the general idea".
However the same AP story by Amir Shah at a different website ( probably updated ) has 4 pictues. One can tell the difference as people are wearing jackets for cool or cold weather in the above picture and dressed for summer weather in the pictures at the following website.


Posted by Rupa Shah at August 12, 2010 10:16 PM

continued from above.......

As regards a raid on a mosque in the village of Dhi Khodaidad, Al-Jazeera has the following report which includes a video.


Posted by Rupa Shah at August 12, 2010 10:38 PM

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I'm impressed.

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