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I saw that Simon Johnson suggested today that Paulson should be indicted by the SEC, which really would expand the law of fraud quite a lot, since Paulson was just picking the dreck that he wanted Goldman Sachs to include in their deal. That defrauded GS's investors, but they were their investors, not his. All Paulson did was get a better deal for himself. He didn't have any fiduciary relationship with GS's investors.
What's really perverse is why they would listen to him. It's weird how these things that are basically impossible according to economic theory happen so often.

Posted by N E at April 19, 2010 07:56 PM

Just saw this great video:

Hat tip to Avedon over at merry olde England. Like she says, "this is what great television can look like."

Posted by Jesus B Ochoa at April 20, 2010 09:04 AM

Yes, imagine, only one person is being charged for everything that went on at G/S. (I can't remember his name, but you've all read it).

Imagine the power of such a person.

Paulson got off easy.

Posted by catherine at April 22, 2010 01:42 PM

Homemade Chicken Soup


1 (3 pound) whole chicken
4 carrots, halved
4 stalks celery, halved
1 large onion, halved

water to cover

salt and pepper to taste

1 teaspoon chicken bouillon granules (optional)


Put the chicken, carrots, celery and onion in a large soup pot and cover with cold water. Heat and simmer, uncovered, until the chicken meat falls off of the bones (skim off foam every so often).

Take everything out of the pot. Strain the broth. Pick the meat off of the bones and chop the carrots, celery and onion. Season the broth with salt, pepper and chicken bouillon to taste, if desired. Return the chicken, carrots, celery and onion to the pot, stir together,

and serve.
and serve.
and serve.
and serve.
and serve.
and serve.

Posted by Go children, go generations, go cocks and cunts, relax, vote, enjoy at April 23, 2010 06:29 AM