Comments: It takes all kinds

GITMO---AMERICA's Carribean vacation spot of no-choice, just another Cuban Crisis.
Until WE, as a nation, address the CRIMES of George Bush and Dick Cheney, We will NOT get anything back in the way of reputaton or economy. Until THAT time no one will be able to TRUST us or WE trust ourselves.

Posted by Mike Meyer at April 4, 2009 01:07 PM

From Joe Bageant
"As a writer friend says, It is watching "Man on Fire," with Denzel Washington's tragic pose and his truthful bullets, and his willingness to saw the fingers off of Mexicans to get the information on time to protect us from The Evil. It is the absorption of that electronic mythology that allowed us to co-sign the torture at Abu Ghraib.

Incidentally, speaking of Abu Ghraib, I am a friend of Ray Hardy, lawyer to Lynndie England, the leash girl of Abu Ghraib. He has copies of thousands of other, far more grisly Abu Ghraib photos. Believe me, they picked the gentlest ones to release. Anyway, when the media and government people in power made that selection, they were managing your consciousness. What you know and don't know. Keeping you calmer by withholding the truth. Rather like not upsetting little children so they will continue to quietly behave the way you want.

But, like children, the American public got bored with the subject of torture long ago, so we quit seeing the victims. Plenty of new evidence has been coming out for years since Lynndie's famous pics from Abu Ghraib. But the short American attention span, created by our rapid fire media, says, "Move on to the next hologram please. Whoa! Stop the remote. Nice butt shot of Sarah Palin there!"

Posted by james at April 5, 2009 06:13 AM