Comments: Life Imitates Apocrypha

Plenty of Hillary supporters voted for Obama too, so what? The average voter knows nothing of policy or record. Voting is for slaves. Choosing your master doesn't mean you are free. Aristotle, Herodotus, Montesquieu, they all knew this. "it is thought to be democratic for the offices to be assigned by lot, for them to be elected is oligarchic"

Posted by marcus at December 8, 2008 01:53 AM

I keep saying that we need to choose our leaders via a pie-eating contest, but nobody listens.

Posted by Jonathan Versen at December 8, 2008 02:56 AM

My parents told me last summer that they would vote for McCain if Clinton loses the primaries, because Obama went to a Muslim school; literally, I think, "radical Muslim school". I assume this is how they voted and I imagine that was quite common.

Posted by abb1 at December 8, 2008 03:48 AM

You found a cab driver who could vote? I'm not sure I've ever had a cab driver who was a citizen, except for the one time I scored Chicago's "Singing Cab Driver".

Posted by Aaron Datesman at December 8, 2008 06:10 AM

A stunning result from a survey conducted by the the Phew Foundation: 21.6% of 156 garbage pickup (trash pickup/collection-waste management/hauling)
workers interviewed voted for Nader!
"When you're this close to the political process day after day," one of them said,"you've got to go for a different kind of candidate." (Translated from the Spanish)

Posted by donescobar at December 8, 2008 08:48 AM

Jonathan V., pie-eating is a good idea, but what if Diebold controls which candidate gets what pies?

Posted by Bob In Pacifica at December 8, 2008 09:14 AM

John McCain looks more progressive than Barack Obama (oh sorry MR PRESIDENT ELECT, i wouldn't want to get whipped by his zombie army) from my view, and even not considering that John McCain ran with a woman for Vice President. He also ran with major support from across the aisle.

Also not to mention that anything more conservative economically in our government would be the brand of progress I could buy into.

Here's another thing. I don't think President's have a history of appointing close advisors to the Supreme Court, but the thought that Cass Sunstein would have any input into such a decision is scary.
But I suppose that even the intellectually dishonest can come to the right conclusion, even if for the wrong reasons. Here's to hoping so.

Posted by meshuga at December 8, 2008 10:11 AM

When a jet airplane runs out of fuel it falls out of the sky(like a jet airplane out of fuel) NO MATTER who the pilot is, no matter how skilled. In a world of lenders and borrowers, if one CANNOT make the interest payments, then UR done. Interest and insurance IS the focal point of OUR present crisis. Until WE address these, WE and the rest of the world will in an economic downturn for a long time.

Posted by Mike Meyer at December 8, 2008 11:02 AM

So what? Hillary ran a dirtier campaign against Obama than McCain did. Why are you of all bloggers pretending that there is more than just a pretend difference between Obama and McCain.

I agree with Pacifica Bob-could McCain's cabinet possibly have been worse than PE Obama's?

Yeah and somebody tell the zombie army they can take their campaign buttons off now...they're starting to seem really creepy.

Posted by Seth at December 8, 2008 11:57 AM

There's nothing progressive about running with "major support from across the aisle." The Iraq war was authorized with "major support from across the aisle" but it was hardly an example of progressive foreign policy.

Posted by darrelplant at December 8, 2008 12:14 PM

I have had the good fortune of talking to cab drivers from Poland, Bosnia, Albania, Jordan, Palestine, Guatemla and Ethiopia etc ( last two were on 'refugee' status). The Guatemal gentleman was a PhD student in philosophy before he had to leave his country and the Ethiopian gentleman was a bank manager before he had to leave his country ( surprisingly, I never came across an Iraqi refugee--our govt of course CAN NOT help them! too dangerous for the security of the country...). All of them, without exception, were well informed and aware of the political situation ( some had experinced personally what our govt does outside the USA ). IF they were allowed to vote, if nothing else, our foreign policy would be in a better shape.

Posted by Rupa Shah at December 8, 2008 04:24 PM

Things would be a lot better in the US as well if those in countries with American military bases were able to participate in American presidential elections.

Posted by rs at December 8, 2008 06:18 PM

This blog's comment section combines insanity with the ability to write coherently more so than any comments section I've ever seen. Usually you only get one or the other.

Still one of my favorite blogs, the posts anyway.

Posted by Cryptic Ned at December 8, 2008 08:49 PM

Oh of course every cab driver is a political refugee cum Ph.D cum deposed regent cum bank manager cum engineer, etc etc. Nobody ever just came here to make a buck because they were nobody at home.

Sure let em all vote...why not...Mexico expels legally residing American citizens for marching in May Day parades, but we are the bad guys. Of course we are.

Posted by Seth at December 8, 2008 09:46 PM

1)I was once a cab driver - but it was BEFORE I finished my dissertation.

2)The story goes that there's an airplane on a intercontinental flight, and about half an hour into the flight the pilot makes an announcement: "One of our four engines is inoperative. However, this will have little effect on our schedule - we estimate we may be delayed about fifteen minutes."

In about fifteen minutes, the pilot comes on again:
"We are having difficulties with a second engine. Do not be concerned, but we will be about a half hour late arriving in London."

Ten minutes later, the co-pilot announces: "We have had to turn off a third engine. We estimate a two hour delay in reaching our destination."

At this point, one of the passengers turns to the person sitting next to him and says, "Let's hope the final engine doesn't have problems, or else we'll be up here all day."

Posted by mistah charley, ph.d. at December 9, 2008 07:27 PM