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this will sound strange but sometime in the spring -- maybe during the college basketball tournament -- i saw an article in some deep-sports journal that talked about how the situation for african-american pro football players had changed -- how it was no longer required that quarterbacks be white.

i thought that was interesting in terms of the election -- having already called the dem nomination for obama -- and did a little more poking around, to learn that the top ranked college football teams, the ratio of white:black quarterbacks had more than inverted in less than 10 years. and these are heartland schools, purple and red states.

i didn't know what else to make of it -- beyond what has been a long slow abandonment of baseball by black athletes, and quarterback is one position you'd expect baseball-type athletes to end up -- but i was pretty sure the if-ever "bradley effect" was not a big deal.

Posted by hapa at October 30, 2008 06:37 PM

I lived in Ewing, NJ for 40 years, just across the Delaware from Bucks County. Greatly enjoyed the Eshelman piece, but am puzzled that he doesn't mention the money and prestige of Yardley and other communities in Bucks. I suspect the people who live there--who are all supposed to be wealthy and upper class--are mostly Republicans. Wonder if their political preferences have changed.

Posted by Rosemary Molloy at October 31, 2008 09:31 AM

Thanks for that, Rosemary. I had exactly the same thought because I went to a Quaker high school in Bucks County, two-thirds boarding students from all over and one-third day students.

The day students' families were just flat-out rich -- stockbrokers, car dealership owners, artists from New Hope -- and the middle class component of the day students seemed to be comfortable birthright Quaker families who had gone to the school for generations.

Gritty townships alternated with stretches of country dotted with beautiful old Pennsylvania tan stone houses. I know there's been massive suburban growth since I was there, but somehow I doubt the stockbrokers left those old houses even as the green space around them shrank.

Posted by Nell at October 31, 2008 11:16 AM learn that the top ranked college football teams, the ratio of white:black quarterbacks had more than inverted in less than 10 years.

That's a good observation. I thought the guy would get plinked off* due to racism, redneckery, etc, but looking at it that way, the basic football watching couch potato wouldn't really object to a black president if they got conditioned to find black quarterbacks as accomplished and competent based on demonstrated abilities and merit.

Whoda thunk it? Not me certainly, but then I'm wrong pretty routinely.

*Still not out of the woods though. Them's some mean ass commercials I'm seeing in the last few days. The ugly language left the McCain rallies and is now on the tee-vee every night courtesy of "Let Freedom Ring" and the Goptrust.

Posted by Labiche at October 31, 2008 05:39 PM

"..I strolled with my mother around a shopping center *nestled* in one of the county's more upscale..."

Posted by S Brennan at October 31, 2008 07:49 PM