Comments: I See The Future, Sort Of

Well, we can all see the future, sort of.

Winning the lotto involves getting the number right on the right day. The fact that you thought it would take until 2012 for this to come up, is sort of...innocently cute.

I like Krugman because he's the anti-Greenspan, for now, but put the guy in charge of something, and I could come to hate him and his policies pronto.

It's hard to take these guys seriously because they can't call a spade a spade. The underlying issue wit the economy is cheap money and usuary, and that includes cheap credit to consumers as well as the subprime thingee going on right now. The negative savings rate is fueled by credit of all sorts that creates lifetime wage and credit slaves and a wholly institutionalized, approved and accepted method of passing wealth to the overclass. If we had a pot to p*ss in, the average rube wouldn't be as concerned about SS as they are.

But that's not likely to be addressed because credit is the only fuel that this economy has left, and economy is politics.

Posted by Ted at December 4, 2007 08:23 AM