Comments: Bill McKibben On Global Warming

This Administration has screwed up EVERYTHING it has touched, including all of AMERICA. I would never expect Bush to do anything about Global Warming, and if he did it would just be a waste of resources, screwed up. Better to find a way around this crowd of incompetent---- (idiots has been used so much it's become trite)

Posted by Mike Meyer at February 22, 2007 12:37 PM

I caught two minutes of a wingnut radio show this morning (don't know which one). This was what I heard:
Caller one: said Al Gore could help stop global warming if he'd just shut up and quit spewing hot air.
Caller two: said he knows this global warming stuff is nuts because one group of scientists at ASU are studying the dome of pollution over Phoenix, and they're not sure about what caused it.
Caller three: said his catholic school nun in first grade told them 40 years ago that the earth is getting warmer because the poles are slowly shifting.
Caller four: said the Democrats could stop global warming if they would just shut up and stop spewing hot air.
Wingnut Host: gave approving responses, then cut to commercials.

reminds me of the great Onion story from Rush Limbaugh's early days; to paraphrase: "Truck Driver from Ohio to address nation on global warming at 2:15 today"

Posted by Whistler Blue at February 22, 2007 02:17 PM