Comments: The Dark Side


Posted by Mike Meyer at February 9, 2007 12:28 PM

Apparently its a little harder to sleep at night when you were actually doing the torturing as opposed to someone snuggled up in a comfy bed in the White House.

Posted by SPIIDERWEB&trade: at February 9, 2007 06:35 PM

Good job putting these two articles together. Eric Fair is not the first interrogator I've known who had these kinds of traumas as he came to grips with what he had done, but he's the first to talk about it openly.

There's no doubt that Bush, et al. set us up for this kind of fall, but it's nice to see a major CIA figure pointing the finger so directly. One of the things that makes me angriest is that justice in this case will never be done. If things ever get too hot for Cheney and his goons, which I seriously doubt they will, a pardon will be issued by President Bush or Hillary or whoever and it will all be swept under the rug.

Land of the Free, eh?

Posted by Decline and Fall at February 10, 2007 08:09 AM

two words, which it turns out aren't really a joke after all:

Darth Cheney

Posted by mistah charley, ph.d. at February 11, 2007 06:12 PM